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These Numatic high efficiency HEPA-FLO disposable filter bags are suitable for all Henrys, Hetty, James and Numatic NRV200 vacuum cleaners. They are up to 14 times more efficient than paper bags in retaining fine dust within the bag.

Technical Details
Hepaflo dustbags for Henry vacuum
10 bags per box
Fits all Henry range

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Really good product and good value

Better to buy this good genuine product here than trot along to currys to pay twice the price for half as many bags. What’s more the curry’s product is not genuine and they are paper bags, the numatic product is fabric and first class.

Numatic hepa-flo cleaner bags,

I have used the Henry vacuum cleaner for eight years now, but last year was the first to use the Hepa-flo instead of the original paper vacuum bags. I find that the bag last longer, is more durable and easy to dispose when full. I beleave using these vacuum bags prolongs the life of the Henry.

Hoover bags,

These hoover bags are very good and definitely the ones to use with the Henry Hoovers. I purchased some cheaper alternative ones from a well known store – and they were rubbish. I will definitely buy my hoover bags from Amazon in future!